Traffic in Manhattan
Everyone agrees the MTA needs more money. If only the Democrats could agree on how to get it.
Besides single-payer health care, several other health care issues are expected to be at the top of the agenda.
From codifying Roe v. Wade to legalizing recreational marijuana.
Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to back the New York Health Act.
Many observers are assuming that with a decisive majority in Albany, Democrats will finally be able to achieve their long-sought progressive agenda items
The new state Senate majority won’t count for much if urban and suburban lawmakers don’t play nice.
People protesting the DACA ruling
A glossary of the Democrats’ top priorities for the upcoming session.
Mayor Bill de Blasio enjoys lunch with students at school.
Charter schools may be neglected, but teacher evaluations and mayoral control are back on the agenda.
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Little girl eating a veggie burger
Two proposals to help minimize meat’s carbon footprint.
We’re crucifying Trump’s allies for what’s business as usual in Albany.
New York is disenfranchising its voters. Democrats need to stop it.
Seattle’s system shows how New York should publicly finance campaigns.


Mayor Bill de Blasio and Steve Buscemi rehearse for the Inner Circle Show.
In a movie about city government, who would be in your dream cast?
Incoming freshman will have footholds to push progressive legislation.
Despite having no control over it, Mark-Viverito and Espinal have opinions on how a marijuana tax should be spent.


It’s hard to prosecute sexual assault allegations – and critics aren’t sure if the Manhattan DA really wants to.
As New York charges forward on tech, a wave of legislation rises in its wake.
From eminent domain to changing how children are educated.
Compensation Committee demands limits to outside income, but will that stick?


Gale Brewer
Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer may be the city’s most popular politician. So why won’t she run for mayor?



Actor Dick Durock as the Swamp Thing.
The state Legislature has distorted many politicians’ careers, but freshman state senators have choices.
The governor’s plans to revamp JFK, LaGuardia and Penn Station.
Critics say the governor's marquee projects neglect the state’s less flashy infrastructure needs.
Brewer has mentored thousands of aspiring politicos. Here are a few that went on to bigger things.