Polly Trottenberg, commissioner, New York City Department of Transportation.
The transportation commissioner on speeding up buses, protecting cyclists and navigating the L train switcheroo.
A Metro-North train in transit.
Despite the celebratory announcement, service depends on a number of pieces falling into place.
Ebay package.
The governor wants to collect sales tax from transactions over internet marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Here’s how it would work.
Subway commuters.
In the short term, sure. Longer term, not really.
New York City bus.
Buses could solve NYC’s congestion problem, if only New Yorkers would use them.
Airbnb app open on phone.
De Blasio takes aim at another tech company following the HQ2 fallout.
Ubers in New York City.
Uber argues the cap is an overextension of the city's authority.
Gridlocked traffic on the Queensborough Bridge.
Lawmakers say it’s the only way to save the MTA. But will it get done in time?
Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the E train.
Six yet-to-be appointed experts would set congestion prices and decide on reforms to the agency.
New York State Capitol
Lawmakers want to make sure Cuomo never goes over their heads again.