Queens borough president 2020 primary election results

Who will be the next Queens Borough President?
Who will be the next Queens Borough President?
Who will be the next Queens Borough President?

Queens borough president 2020 primary election results

Donovan Richards takes a sizable early lead over Elizabeth Crowley.
July 14, 2020

The Democratic primary for Queens district attorney was the race to watch in 2019, an otherwise quiet election year. And after weeks of recounts and court battles, then-Queens Borough President Melinda Katz won the nomination over Tiffany Cabán, a progressive public defender. Katz went on to win the office, and now five candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination for Queens borough president – and in deeply blue Queens, that’s a near-guarantee of winning the seat in November.

The winner looks increasingly likely to be New York City Council Member Donovan Richards, a Black man from Southeast Queens who enjoyed the support of the Queens County Democratic Party and a host of other establishment figures. 

After in-person ballots were counted following the June 23 primary, Richards had a solid lead of 9 percentage points over Elizabeth Crowley, a former City Council member from Glendale who amassed significant labor union support. And after absentee ballots were counted in seven of Queens’ 18 Assembly districts, Richards has maintained a lead of 7 percentage points, making it increasingly likely that Richards will win the nomination. As of Monday, July 13, Richards had 37% of the total votes, while Crowley had 30%. 

Those numbers were shared by the Richards’ campaign and confirmed by the Crowley campaign. Representatives for both candidates have been tracking the absentee ballot counting process at Queens Borough Hall. The count is unofficial, and the Board of Elections won’t report final results until ballots in the entire borough are counted. That process isn’t expected to be finished until next week at the earliest. 

Other candidates in the race include Costa Constantinides, a City Council member from Astoria who was the favored candidate of the progressive left, Anthony Miranda, a retired NYPD sergeant, and Dao Yin, a Bayside businessman who received endorsements from many Queens Asian American organizations.

There are still many ballots yet to be counted. As of Monday, Richards’ campaign reported that 24,112 ballots had been tallied out of the 88,993 absentee ballots returned to the New York City Board of Elections in Queens. However, not every ballot will be counted, since many are disqualified for technical reasons, or because the voter chose to cast an in-person ballot as well.

Here are the unofficial results from the New York City Board of Elections on primary night – before any absentee ballots were counted. 

Donovan Richards: 41,915 votes, 37.18%

Elizabeth Crowley: 31,781 votes, 28.19%

Costa Constantinides: 17,164 votes, 15.23%

Anthony Miranda: 16,613 votes, 14.74%

Dao Yin: 5,028 votes, 4.46%

With 96.53% of scanners reported

112,724 total votes counted

Jeff Coltin
is a senior reporter at City & State. He covers New York City Hall.