Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.
The hip-hop head shares his favorite final verses.
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.
He’s the slow-walking, slow-talking establishment. And he’s not worried at all. 
Black Lives Matter activists protest in Harlem, in the wake of a decision by federal prosecutors who declined to bring civil rights charges against NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo.
A timeline of the major legal events since Garner’s death in NYPD custody.
Saheed Vassell's father Eric Vassell protesting police brutality in New York.
Pantaleo was fired for his role in the death of Eric Garner. Other NYPD officers in similar cases have faced a range of punishments.
Nike's flagship store in New York.
The deal may be a slam dunk, but local vendors have often been sued for using city icons.
NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill at the press conference, announcing NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo's termination.
De Blasio: ‘Today we have finally seen justice done.’
Can the app-based for-hire vehicle industry regain its mojo in New York City?
Cyclists mourn the loss of a 33-year-old woman fatally struck by a delivery truck while riding her bicycle on June 24, in New York City.
Mapping traffic-related fatalities in the five boroughs.
The Brooklyn Bridge.
Recognizing the borough’s biggest political movers and shakers.