Luxury apartment buildings on the edge of New York City's Central Park.
You’d think assessing New York City’s condos and coops like other homes would be a simple fix. Here’s why it isn’t.
The New York State Capitol in Albany.
Sen. Kevin Thomas’s New York Privacy Act and state Sen. Diane Savino’s Dependent Worker Act are among the bills stalled until next session.
high school
The legislation would prohibit elementary and secondary schools from purchasing biometric technology until July 1, 2022.
Brownstones near Prospect Park.
City & State compiled a list of key terms.
airbnb search
New York City’s Office of Special Enforcement is filing a suit against 13 people and entities that the city says turned housing units in 36 buildings into illegal rentals.
Georgia women might be prosecuted for getting an abortion out of state.
Hands rolling a joint
Negotiations stalled over the weekend, but there are back-up bills
Uber app.
Both labor and industry are fighting the 11th-hour legislation.
State Sen. Jessica Ramos at a rally advocating for the legalization of e-bike usage in Albany.
New language would allow municipalities to decide e-scooter rules, but the bill faces a tight deadline before the end of session.
Students protesting during the New York City march for action on climate change in March.
Six ways the Climate and Community Protection Act has changed during negotiations.